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*Balmuda* The Plate Pro, Clad Stainless Steel Plate & Griddle Pan Set

*Balmuda* The Plate Pro, Clad Stainless Steel Plate & Griddle Pan Set

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[SeoulLife]*Balmuda the Plate Pro* Clad Stainless Steel Plate & Griddle Pan Set

Introducing a hot plate from BALMUDA: 
This professional model brings a new level of joy to your daily life with its borderless plate reminiscent of a restaurant's live kitchen and excellent functionality.

Special clad plate
The top surface of the clad plate has been subjected to vibration processing, which gives it a calming matte texture and good compatibility with oil. Since it is not coated, you can cook with metal tongs, knives, and forks as you wish. This is a stress-free machine that can be used according to the ingredients.

3-layer structure with high heat storage properties
Clad plate combining stainless steel and aluminum. By using aluminum with high thermal conductivity, heat is transmitted evenly, reducing uneven cooking of food. It has a thickness of 6.6mm, which overturns the conventional wisdom of hot plates, and boasts high heat storage properties.

Precise temperature control
There are 4 temperature settings: 160 degrees, 180 degrees, 200 degrees, and 220 degrees. Precise temperature control keeps the set temperature stable even after food is placed on it, allowing you to bake it like a professional. Another good point is that by suppressing excessive heating, you can reduce the generation of oil splashes and smoke.

Thoroughly preheat to high temperature
The preheating time is about 13 minutes, and the secret to its deliciousness is the design that allows it to warm up slowly over time. The time you have to wait for the food to warm up also makes the meal even more exciting. When the POWER lamp in the upper right corner changes from flashing to lit, it is a signal that preheating is complete.

📣Product features🔹
✅ 220℃: Impressive Yakiniku at home
The excess moisture is removed and the meat is juicy and the vegetables have just the right texture when grilled.
✅ 200℃: Sauteed sea bream at the restaurant
Precise temperature control ensures that the skin of fish is crispy all the way to the edges, and the flesh of shrimp and shellfish is plump.
✅  180℃: crispy chicken sauté
The skin does not shrink during baking, and the outside is crispy and the inside is soft.
✅ 160℃: The coveted ultra-thin crepe
You can easily make ultra-thin crepes that require a low, stable temperature and are difficult to reproduce at home.
✅ Easy to clean by removing parts
The clad plate, takoyaki plate, oil tray, and spatula can be washed with water, making them easy to clean. Wipe off any dirt on the main unit, heater, or heat shield with a cloth soaked in neutral detergent and wrung out.
*Be sure to check that the temperature has dropped sufficiently before cleaning.
✅ Use a spatula for browning
Remove any burnt spots on the plate using the included spatula or your own metal scrubber. You can easily wash it and maintain it without worrying about the coating peeling off. You can always use it hygienically.
*Minor scratches may appear on the plate due to cleaning, but this will not affect cooking performance. Please enjoy it as a taste.
Do not use the included spatula or metal scrubbing brush with the Takoyaki plate. Doing so may damage the fluorine coating on the surface.

🔹Product components🔹  
- Main grill machine
- Stainless Grill plate
- Griddle Pan & Lid set

🔹Product detail🔹
- Product No: K10-B100 / 4560330112041
- Size: 573 x 334 x 88mm for Main grill/ 380mm x 245mm for Clad Plate
- Weight: 5.2kg
- Power: 220V 50-60Hz/  Korean domestic model

- Maintenance: 
 * Please clean it after the temperature has fallen sufficiently.
 * Not compatible with dishwashers.
 * Wash with a soft sponge dampened with a neutral kitchen detergent, wipe off moisture with a dry cloth, and dry thoroughly.

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