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*CampingKan* Bubble Shelter_S, four-season, 360℃ panoramic view for 3-4 people

*CampingKan* Bubble Shelter_S, four-season, 360℃ panoramic view for 3-4 people

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This is a smaller version of the original Bubble Shelter by CampingKan. It is designed to be easy to use in all seasons and provides a sense of spaciousness and a 360℃ panoramic view.
On the roof, a star-viewing window that can provide a sky view can be selected in mesh/urethane material.

[Brand story]

Camping Khan is a brand launched by Khan Trading, which has specialized in producing cotton tents for export, military supply, and domestic consumption for over 30 years.
We have deep traditions and know-how in the camping field.
It has been reborn as a brand that quickly changes in line with the diverse needs and trends of campers.
As a symbol of this change and innovation, we adopted 'chameleon' as the brand symbol.

Product features
1. Wide-field space without a central pole
It is a simple installation method that connects the main pole with a mold, so it can stand on its own without a central pole, and can also be used as a free-standing tarp when all four doors are open.
2. Excellent sense of openness
The four-door covers are removable, and the curtain-type mesh window provided as standard is highly usable in all seasons.
3. Protect your skin with Fly
It prevents discoloration due to solar radiation, protects the skin, and is effective in preventing water leaks when camping in the rain.
4. Extendable features to enlarge the camping space.
5. Detachable storage pouch
This is a storage pouch designed for convenience when camping, including webbing straps.
6. The inside of the shelter has hooks for hanging daisy chains and lights.
7. You can use the central pole option for more solid support when long-barreled.
8 The fly has cutouts for holding guy lines.

Product Components
- Shelter skin + Bag
- Pole + Bag
- Components bag
- Cuturn Mesh window (3ea)
- Stripe 3.5M
- Peg&Pouch/ Fly&Pouch
❌Curtain type window excludes in this package

Product detail
- Size:
* Storage Siz_Tent: 75x38x38cmv
* Poles in Bag size: 80x22x22cm
* Opening size: 450x450x225(cm) & Weight: 28.5kg (Tent Skin: 8.5kg)

- Material:
* Skin: Canvas cotton blend (T/C 300GSM) silver nano, Super blast processing
* Fly: Poly 300D RIP (PU 5,000mm)
- Material: SPHC Steel, STS304(Inner), NEG Neoceram (Glass), STS430 (Stand), Wooden Stand

Other option details:
* star viewing window
You can enjoy the sky view by freely selecting the mesh/urethane option.
* Sun guard
Blocks sunlight and is convenient when camping in the rain.
* Mesh/urethane window options
By applying it to four doors, you can enjoy the surrounding view regardless of the weather.
* connector
Docking with a tent on four sides maximizes the usability of the entire room.

Other options
1. Sun guard
2. Curtain-type mesh window (open type @4)
3. Curtain-type urethane window (open type)
4. Curtain type urethane window
5. Whole urethane window (open type)
6. Whole urethane window
7. Star view urethane window
8. Star view mesh window
9. Central pole (slide 220~265cm)




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