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*Heriter* Fruit Cutting Knife 106 and Slicing Knife 180 Set

*Heriter* Fruit Cutting Knife 106 and Slicing Knife 180 Set

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[SeoulLife]*Heriter* Fruit Cutting Knife 106 (Utility knife) and Slicing Knife 180
✨ Made in Korea

One of the most popular and famous brands in Korea.

25 Steps 28 Sharpening:
A blade that is created through 6 times the sharpening of a regular knife
Sharpening is the process of cutting an iron into a sharp knife and is the most important process directly related to cutting power.

🔹Product Features🔹
✅ Even large ingredients (For example: Radish) are easy to handle
✅ The optimal ergonomically designed handle
✅ The wrist is the most sensitive and vulnerable part of our body, and it minimizes wrist fatigue by balancing the length of the blade at the center.
✅ Curved processing that takes into account the curved surface of the fruit increases the cutting area, making fruit handling easier.

1. Santoku-type blade: Suitable for various cuttings such as vegetables, meat, and fish.
2. 0.3mm sawtooth cutting: Special processing to increase cutting power and reduce wear
3. Step-by-step curve processing: 90% resolution of food material sticking phenomenon
4. Double polishing: Improved grip with double polishing of the back of the blade
5. WPC Bolster:
* Completely blocking bacteria with a full-bore injection molding method
* Using water-resistant WPC material
6. Walnut:
* Moisture-resistant and strong hardwood
* Dense texture prevents warping and splitting
7. Signature octagonal handle
* Stable size to fit the average hand shape
* Improved grip with 8 sides that touch the hand

❌This product does NOT include a chopping board, Please visit our store for Heriter Chopping Board.

🔹Product Details🔹
- Material:  Stainless, Walnut Wood, WPC
- Components: Fruit Cutting Knife 106mm + Slicing Knife 180mm
- Size: 
* Fruit Cutting Knife: 106mm ( total length 240mm)
* Slicing Knife: 180mm ( total length 320mm)

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2024/ June

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