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*JakeLah* J.cot 190 tent for one person/ Bike tent & easy carrying tent

*JakeLah* J.cot 190 tent for one person/ Bike tent & easy carrying tent

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Jakelah also developed tents for the U.S. military and refugee tents for UNHCR and the World Red Cross. We also developed a tent for polar exploration.
It has also developed camping tents that allow people to lightly enjoy nature. Ultralight tents have also been developed. Numerous outdoor brands around the world are selling tents developed by Rajegan.
JakeLah's direction is to develop products for activities that breathe with nature for various purposes in various fields beyond the outdoor market. .
We will strive to help more people spend more time in nature.

Product Features

✅ Mini tarp function using the door
You can protect privacy and block the sun or wind by connecting a string or tarp pole to the O-ring attached to the tent door.
✅ Added SQ Ring for ventilation
If you add 4 SQ Rings to the bottom of the court and fasten them to the court fixing pole, you can create a certain amount of space from the inside, allowing for ventilation.
✅ Easily secure the door with the SQ Ring.
You can easily fix the door by hanging the SQ ring at the bottom of the coat on the ball cap next to the J.cot tent.
✅ The door can be conveniently secured with a Hexa Cord Lock.
For user convenience, the door fixing cord has been lengthened and a hex cord lock has been attached.
✅ Install 7 TPU rings for internal hammock installation
There are 7 TPU rings on both sides of the inside of the J.cot tent for future storage hammock installation. The TPU ring can be used to hold items with hooks or storage items.
✅ The J.cot tarp allows you to easily connect two J.cot tents.
You can easily connect two J.cot tents 190/210 by connecting the J.cot tent using the SQ Ring attached to the J.cot Recta or J.cot Hexa.
✅ Used in ■ Low Mode/ ■ Ground Mode ■ High Mode
✅ Easy attachment and detachment of tent and coat
The J.cot tent has two pockets and two zippers that allow you to easily attach and detach the four corners.
✅ Secure more space with TR and horn structures
The TR and horn structure allows the entrance to be higher than the center of the tent and create nearly vertical walls on both the front, back, left and right sides, allowing much wider use of the internal space.

✅ The horn structure is connected to both ends of the main pole, not only providing additional space but also contributing to the rigidity of the ridge pole. Depending on the tent structure, this is a device that can provide various conveniences such

✅ Ventilation windows on all sides increase ventilation and reduce condensation.
J.cot tent has ventilation windows at the four highest points on the front, left, and right sides to increase ventilation and reduce condensation.

✅ 3-layer fabric with excellent moisture permeability and waterproofing
By using 3 layers, which have a breathable function that allows water vapor such as sweat to pass through, and a waterproof function that does not allow water droplets such as rain to pass through, the tent increases comfort within the tent and blocks moisture from outside.

✅ Clips for bottom support
A clip was added to the bottom of the J.cot tent to increase the bond between the tent and the poles. It also prevents the pole from jumping forward when it is pulled out of Jake's foot at the corner. (Applied to models after 2021)

✅ Guy ropes made of Dyneema and top-quality British-made stoppers
J.cot tent uses ultra-light and ultra-high-strength Dyneema material for the guy ropes that secure the tent to the ground or supports. In addition, the stopper, which plays the role of reducing and increasing the gap between the guy ropes, is made from Clamcleats, a British company that is lightweight, operates smoothly, and is highly durable.

Product Components
* Frame with tent 

*Cot (Camp bed & legs) is NOT included in tent package 

Product detail
- Size: 190x78x100cm
- Tent pole: DAC NFL 9.3 + PF 7.5
- Material: 3 Layer Fabric, 40D Nylon, (Silicon/PU Coating)(바닥: 70D N/T PU 2,000mm Black)
- Zipper: YKK no.5
- Parts: Ultra-light stake (J. Stake F) x 8, high tensile guy rope (2mm-1.8m) x 4 lines
- Packing size: 55x15cm
- Weight: 2171g (Skin 1730g, Pole 441g)
- Pole (Made in Korea), Skin/Case (Vietnam)

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