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*LUMENA* Space S mood light Package/ Camping Light

*LUMENA* Space S mood light Package/ Camping Light

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Brand Story

LUMENA’s core value has always been in the
study on people and their environment,
whilst becoming the global leader of
wireless products in the design of household
appliance market since 2013.

Quiet and Small Town Design

Product details
- LED light
- Brightness control, touch switch, color change, mood lighting, anti-glare
- Maximum brightness: 100Lm (based on 3 levels of brightness)
- Maximum usage time: 8~40 hours (based on level 1 brightness)
- Battery technology: Li-ion, 3.7V, 850mAh (3.14Wh)
- 3 product configurations: (Cone/Roof/Pot)
- Charing Time: 1hour 40min.
- Exclusive Shade
- Wireless charging cradle: Cradle
- Brightness: 10~100Lm
* Light bulb color: 2,200K
* Vermilion white:3,600K
* Daylight: 5,000K
- Input (Type C): 5V-1.0A (5W MAX)
- Power consumption: 0.4W (MAX)

Cone- 84.6x84.6x106.7mm/ 114g
Roof - 90x78x84.4mm/ 112g
POT - 81.4x81.4x96.3mm/ 114g
Cradle: 65.4x65.4x10.9mm/ 21g

Product components
Lamp (Cone& Roof & Pot & Cradle) / Type-C/ USB Charing cable/ Charging port (Cradle)

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