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[SeoulLife]*Lumena* M3 TABLE LAMP PACKAGE

[SeoulLife]*Lumena* M3 TABLE LAMP PACKAGE

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A beautifully designed indoor/outdoor lamp stand

✅ PORTABLE, Classic mood, anytime, anywhere
Concentrated light | Diffuse light | Concentrated + diffuse light

✅ Large capacity battery of 3,250mAh
Up to 200 hours of usage
with 3 hours and a half charging time

With a 3,250mAh battery charged for 3 hours and 30 minutes,
concentrated light can be used for up to 200 hours and diffused light for up to 150 hours wirelessly.

✅ WATERPROOF/ dust-proof grade IP67
The waterproof function protects the product from water and dust.
※ It depends on the actual environment and must be used cautiously.
※ The silver and beige colors in the images are single-purchase items.

Package includes:
* Exclusive hard pouch
* Lumena M3 lamp, brown
* 2-way tripod
* Binner hook
* Pole stand cradle
* Pole stand body holder
* Pole standpipe (2ea)
* Wood shade exclusive for M3
* USB TYPE-C cable
* Product manual

▶ Product size
34 × 34 × 102mm / 95g
▶ Pole stand size
120 × 120 × 220~400mm / 300g
▶ Battery capacity
Li-ion 3.6V 3,250mAh (11.7Wh)
▶ Power/Voltage Consumption
INPUT(Type C) : 5V-1.0A
▶ Charging / Use time
- Charging time : 3 hours 30 mins
- Use time
1) Concentrated light 13 hours (maximum brightness) ~ 200 hours (minimum brightness)
2) Diffused light 9 hours (maximum brightness) ~ 150 hours (minimum brightness)
3) Concentrated and diffused light 7 hours (maximum brightness) ~ 80 hours (minimum brightness)

How to Use
▶ LED Mode and Brightness adjustment
Power button: Power ON/OFF, brightness adjustment
Battery residue LED light: Amount of battery left
▶LED stage setting
Power button 1 time: Concentrated light maximum brightness
Power button 2 times: Concentrated light maximum brightness
Power button 3 times: Concentrated and diffused light maximum brightness
▶ LED stage setting
Press and hold power button for 5 seconds for continued blinking of light
※ Quick Off: Power shuts down when button is pressed after 15 seconds of operation
▶ Remaining battery check
Red LED flash: 0~19%
White LED flash: 20~99%
White LED light-up: 100%

▶ Precautions for household waterproofing and dustproof functions
IP67 dustproof and waterproof grades include sudden rain or snow during outdoor activities.
It is a waterproof function that protects the product from liquids.
When left outdoors for a long time on a rainy day or exposed to high water pressure or if the
The USB cover is not engaged properly, it can be waterlogged.

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