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Camping wood Shelf table 4-tier, Made in Korea

Camping wood Shelf table 4-tier, Made in Korea

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[BOEMI, Korea]
Handcraft, Made in Korea

This is a pre-order product.  It takes around 14 days of production before delivery.

Product Features
 Handcraft Wooden Stand Kitchen

 4 Separated Shelf
 All products are made from high-quality birch solid plywood, which is not only sturdy but also has enhanced surface elegance and strength, rather than laminated wood.
Birch is called the queen of the forest and the nobleman of the forest. I

t is a special wood that is beautiful and durable, showing little deformation even under various climatic conditions from -40℃ to 50℃, and is used in world-famous concert halls, libraries, etc.

[How to install]
1. Set up the two central legs, install the lower shelf first, and insert the upper part into the groove. (The safety device must be 1-inch as shown in the photo to minimize shaking and secure it.)
2. 2. Raise both wings and raise the shelf (there are no grooves so you can adjust the length of the shelf)

Product Components  
- Shelves & Storage bag

Product Details
- Size: 1500~1800mm(W), 320mm(D), 600mm(H) or 800mm(H)
- Packing size: 800x330x150mm
- Weight: 13kg

❗❗ Before your purchase ❗❗
Even if it is the same birch tree, wood patterns such as grain, knots, and patches may vary from product to product depending on the environment. the product is not considered a defect or defect due to its characteristics, the product cannot be exchanged or defected. In this case, we do not accept refunds, and wood may discolor over time due to management and external environments.

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