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*Helinox* Tactical Nona Dome 4 Tent, Extendable and for all seasons

*Helinox* Tactical Nona Dome 4 Tent, Extendable and for all seasons

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Tactical Nonadom 4.0 / Coyote tan
Introducing the Coyote Tan colored Tactical Nona Dome 4.0, the first to be released as a tactical line with a military concept design. Lightweight, convenient, and high wind resistance.

Product features:

✅ Excellent sense of openness: Nona Dome is a self-supporting 9-sided dome-shaped shelter with a beautiful shape.
Doors are provided on all six sides to facilitate entry and exit, as well as to create a sufficient sense of openness.
✅ High space utilization: The dome-shaped structure provides excellent stability and has enough space to accommodate 6-8 people, making it suitable for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, and events. By attaching the Helinox Tactical
Nona Dome 4.0 Bedroom*, the front room can be expanded to make the interior space more spacious.
✅ Detachable tent frame: The top hub and ridge pole can be separated for convenient installation. When dismantling the tent, the poles can be separated and folded for easy storage.
✅ Reverse Combi: By designing the structure in a way (connecting thick poles at the top), a dome-shaped shelter with less dead space was realized.
✅ Gear loft: A mesh gear loft that is installed on the Nona Dome ceiling is provided as standard.
You can use it by placing a lantern or light on it.
✅ Sleeve: Unlike the initial model, which was manufactured using only the Hanger Clip System, the sleeve method was applied to the skin, making it easy to attach tent accessories such as bedrooms, roofs, tarps, etc.
✅ A Hanger Clip System is adopted at the bottom of the tent, making it convenient to set up and take down the tent.
✅ Guy rope: To use the tent safely in the ever-changing nature, please use guy ropes to secure it to the ground.
✅ Stronger Tactical Nonadom 4.0: The frame of the Tactical Nona Dome 4.0 is made with DAC's ultra-light aluminum alloy pole. It is easy to assemble by applying the Self-locating shock cord technology system designed by DAC.
✅ Ventilation was installed in three locations to prevent hot air from staying at the top of the tent to prevent bad weather and condensation. Ventilation provides good breathability even without opening the door.
✅ Unique Tactical Nonadom 4.0 Flag
✅ Jake's Foot: The method of fixing the tent pole tip to a regular circular eyelet can easily come off during the fastening process. To complement this, several Jake's Foot was developed, and among them. When dismantling, it can be easily removed by twisting to the side.
✅ Mud flaps: It is made with a mud flap (skirt) method, so it can be useful for winter camping.
✅ Water outlet: There is a drain at the bottom of the entrance panel mesh to prevent rainwater from accumulating inside the mesh during rainy weather.
✅ Zipper flap: It prevents rainwater from entering between the zippers.
✅ Double zipper: If you open only the fabric door and close the mesh door, you can ensure smooth air circulation and block insects. By adopting a double zipper, the door can be opened and closed in several ways, allowing it to respond to various environmental and weather conditions.
✅ O Ring: It can be connected to the Nona Dome Inner Tent* using the O Ring on the top of the Nona Dome interior.
✅ Mesh pocket: A detachable pocket is provided as standard and can be used to store various items. Made of mesh material, you can easily check your belongings in the pocket.
✅ Vestibule entrance: The sufficient width of the doorway allows users to enter and exit easily.

Product Components
- Tent skin/ Frame/ Case/ Pegs/ Rope flag

📌 Optional items for your preference:
The optional items are sold separately, Please visit our store for details)
- Tent Roof: Using a roof has the effect of making the roof of the shelter double, reducing condensation inside the Nona Dome.
- Extension Tent
- The Nona Dome inner tent is sold separately. (It is not included in the Tactical Nona Dome 4.0 configuration.)
- Tactical Nona Dome 4.0 exclusive loop

Product detail

- Tent sizes: 400x400x200cm
- Packing size: 70x29x28cm
- Capacity: 7-8 people
- Material:
* Canopy: 30D N/R(N66) PU/Silicon 1500mm
* Wall: 30D N/R (N66) PU/Silicon 1500mm
* Mesh: 20D N/R MONOFILA
* Case: 300D P/Ripstop
* Frame: DAC Pole (Aluminum, Plastic)

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