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*Hideoff*MetalTube Camping Table, Side table, Aluminium Table

*Hideoff*MetalTube Camping Table, Side table, Aluminium Table

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Made in Korea

✅ Military Retro Design
✅ Foldable and easy to use

Lantern pole:
It's 7mm stainless steel.
By emphasizing the gloss through polishing work, natural light shines during camping.
A rotating two-way retractable hook is provided, making it convenient to attach and detach items.

Product Components
- Pot
- Pot Pouch 

Product Details
- Material: Stainless Steel, Aluminium
- Size: 700x218mm (Height: 380mm)
  Pot depth: 80mm, Thickness: 1.6mm

Lantern Pole
- Standing size: 860mm (Peg: 150mm)
- Pouch: 600x115mm
- Weight: 490g

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