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*ANBANG* Smokeless Electric BBQ Grill Pan

*ANBANG* Smokeless Electric BBQ Grill Pan

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[SeoulLife]*ANBANG* Smokeless Grill pan

*ANBANG* founded in 1972 and is one of the well-known and popular brands in Korea
Patented Anbang grill power that eliminates smoke and odor twice

📣Product features:
- Smokeless grill pan for healthier cooking: Dual power fan system that more powerfully blocks smoke and odors
- The double power fan system provides a pleasant kitchen environment in which smoke and odors sucked into the smoke intake are filtered once through the Power Clean filter and then again through the power fan.
- Quad heater with powerful firepower for fast cooking: With a powerful 1500W quadruple heater, you can cook food quickly by raising the maximum temperature to 250℃.
- Slimer and light-weight and more compact design
- Increased grill pan size: 10mm up
- Booster ring increases thermal improvement rate by 60%: The booster ring mounted on the oil guide plate changes the air flow and minimizes heat loss, helping to maintain stable temperature control even when the power fan is turned on.
- No need to worry about temperature even when running the power fan
- Reduce Fine dust by 83%
- Reduce odor smell by 94% (Pls also keep the window opened) while grilling
- 21mm Deeper frying pan for soup or frying purposes
- Easy to maintain and clean grill pan: Convenient and hygienic complete separation/cleaning

🔹Product components🔹
- Main machine
- Frying pan
- Grill pan
- Manual
- Power cord & Clean filter with 10 additional filter

🔹Product detail🔹
- Model no: AB901MF
- Grill machine: 520x320x133mm
- Grill pan: 385x239x28mm
- Frying pan: 380x239x34mm
- Power Green Filter: 335x105mm
- Power: 220~240V, 50/60Hz, 1500W
** Korean domestic kitchen appliance 

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