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*Urbanside* Easy Cabin Air Tent/ Khaki Color.

*Urbanside* Easy Cabin Air Tent/ Khaki Color.

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Easy Cabin Air Tent, tunnel tent, with inner tent, pitching in 5 minutes, lightweight 14kg

✨ Designed by Urbanside, Korea

❗❗ This is a pre-order product. It takes around 3 weeks before the delivery from Korea. Please contact with us before purchasing.

2024 New Model by Urbansize (Korea)
Urban Side Easy Cabin Air Tent (tunnel-type ultra-light 7M large shelter, air pump included) wish
A 7M class air tent that weighs 14kg and is easy to install and carry, providing the best sense of space with only two poles.

📣Product features🔹
✅ The overwhelming sense of the cost of cowcatcher design
Maximize space efficiency using the cowcatcher’s angular design as a motif.
It boasts an overwhelming sense of space of 7x3.2x2.3M.
It provides high structural stability due to the left and right symmetrical structure supported by three tensions on both sides.
✅ 5 minutes of pitching time
Completed in 5 minutes with just two airpoles! Sturdy 7M class air tent
Unfold the 7M size tent, peg it down, and inject air into the two air poles, and it can be installed within 5 minutes.
✅ Weight-lighted design: 14kgs
✅ Durable hexagonal shape design
✅ Enjoy 4-season camping: with 4-sided urethane windows, you can enjoy camping all year around.
✅A spacious 7m space
✅Inner tent: A private inner tent that can be completed by simply hanging a hook.
The Easy Cabin exclusive inner tent can be easily installed on both the left and right sides of the tent.
The 4-sided mesh opening provides coolness in the summer, and the Easy-Breath material that prevents condensation in the winter provides a comfortable canning experience. You can enjoy the outside scenery to your heart's content while blocking external views.
✅ 360℃ panoramic mesh system that will provide a refreshing sense of openness
10-sided mesh opening and easy storage at the entrance are possible.
You can further maximize the sense of openness by using the side uplifting pole (optional), and the premium fabric that provides UV protection can also be used as a tarp.
✅ Use of premium materials that enhance the quality of space
Using Poly 75D 210T Rip-Stop fabric, it is lightweight and provides strong durability against external impacts.
The PU 2000mm WR waterproof and water-repellent coating protects users from sudden rain, while the UV50+ (ultraviolet blocking) coating blocks the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays.
✅ Airpole maintains sturdiness despite internal and external shocks
By applying an anti-burst system, the pressure control valve protects the air pole by adjusting the air pressure in case of excessive air injection or external shock. Additionally, it is designed to be easy to replace on your own in case of unexpected damage.
[Option specifications]
• Inner tent (optional): Poly Oxford 150D Breathable WR / 275 (rear 215) x 180 x 200(H)cm (double air mat can be used)
• Full cover ground sheet (optional): Poly-Oxford 150D PU3000mm WR

Completely free yourself from water leakage stress
Unlike typical tents, the inner ring is attached to the inner pole and does not interfere with the seam sealing for waterproofing. The water-repelling finish provides complete waterproofing even without a fly.

🔹Product components🔹
Tent. pegs/ strings/ storage bag/ Air Pump

📌Please visit our store for other options:
- Front urethane window x2pcs/set
- Side urethane windows x2pcs/set

- Groundsheet x1

🔹Product detail🔹
[Product specifications]
• Body: 14kg / Capacity 4-6 people / Poly 75D 210T RIPSTOP / PU 2,000MM / UV50+
• Main pole: 14Ø TPU air tube
• Forged pegs 14ea / string 4ea included

• Material:
- Skin: Poly 75D 210T Rip-Stop PU 2000MM, UV50 WR
- Main pole: 14Ø TPU 
- Ground seat: Poly-Oxford 150D PU 3000mm WR

• Size:
- When installed: 700 x 320 x 230cm
- When stored: 70 x 28 x 28cm
• Weight:
- Tent: 14kg
- Full set: 18kg
• China OEM


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