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[Airmade] Premium Vacuum Blender, 40000RPM 1500W Blender V

[Airmade] Premium Vacuum Blender, 40000RPM 1500W Blender V

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📌 The product will be available after end of June, 2024

Great for Various juice,  Bingsu Snowflake makers, and grinding powder
1. The blade is not sharp, so there is less risk of injury, and the strength and thickness are reinforced, so it shows strong crushing power despite being a blunt blade.
2. Because there is less destruction of nutrients, the ingredients are crushed with a millstone instead of cut to minimize the destruction of nutrients.
3. Because the ingredients are crushed finely, no residue is left behind, as if they were juiced.

Product Features:
- Noise cover
- Super strong vacuum
- All-in-one Buttom
- Safety function: Auto Stop + Damper
- Super speed Rotation: 40,000RPM
- Added hooking edge: 3D Stainless Blades x6 blades
- Vacuum blending oxidation
- Vacuum tumbler for fresh storage
- Scientific container design without blind spots
- Safety cover to prevent accidents
- Low noise, low vibration silicone packing
- Safety material for safe use
- Easy finishing one-touch automatic cleaning
- Officially certified motor overheat protection device
-  A clean design that completes- Bingsu specialty Snowflake Bingsu
The strong power and rotational force of the booster mode blends even solid ice into fine snowflake particles.
Homemade natural seasoning: Grinds even the smallest particles without missing them: You can make powders and ingredients needed for cooking, such as glutinous rice flour, peanut powder, and red pepper powder.
- A balloon that doesn't burst even when touched by a blade

Product Component:
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Product Details
- Model: AMB-350V
- Power: 1,500W
- Rotation speed: 40,000RPM
- Blades: 6 blades
- Vacuum: Super strong vacuum
- Power Voltage: 220-240V, 50/60Hz
- Auto time: 2min, Blend: 50 seconds, Vaccum 1min.
- Material:  PCT (Tritan)
- Capacity: 1300ml
- Size: 235x208x440mm
- Weight:  5.9kg
- Korean Electricity Certificate No.: HUO71805-23004A

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2024/ June

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