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*BALMUDA* The Brew Coffee Maker Black/ Automatic Pour Over Coffee Maker

*BALMUDA* The Brew Coffee Maker Black/ Automatic Pour Over Coffee Maker

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Automatic Pour Over Coffee Maker | Clear Brewing Method | Precise Temperature Regulation | Three Brewing Modes – Regular, Strong, Iced | Compact Design 

The start of something great. A vibrant cup of coffee is the perfect way to start your day. Its aroma and taste is distinct yet recognizable, and enjoyed by all. Experience a full sensorial journey to create the perfect cup for every occasion
Precise temperature regulation;

Temperature technology instantly boils water at the optimum temperature for each process - steaming, extraction, and finishing. This thorough temperature control and management ensures the ideal taste. Simultaneously, BALMUDA The Brew automatically calculates the steeping time and pouring volume. It drops the right amount of hot water at precise intervals. Its careful drip in 0.2㎖ increments concentrates rich aromas and flavors.

Bypass pouring, clear aftertaste;

As the brewing time progresses, optimal flavors are extracted from the beans. The brewer then stops pouring water into the dripper and adds a separate finishing water through a second spout in order to regulate the condensed components and temperature of the coffee. This new technique achieves both a strong flavor and a clear aftertaste.
Elegant design. Fits anywhere.
Stainless steel and matte black design for a beautifully unique presence. Approximately 5 1/2 inches wide to fit smartly in the kitchen, home office, or anywhere else you like.

Three brewing modes optimized for superior taste.
-REGULAR: Vibrant aroma and taste
-STRONG: A deep and concentrated elixir
-ICE: Refreshing and cool

💡  Product features:
- Number of cups to be extracted: 1 cup, 2 cups, 3 cups ・
REGULAR ・ STRONG: Approximately 120ml ・ 
Approximately 240ml ・ Approximately 360ml ・ 
ICED: Approx. 75 ml ・ Approx. 150 ml ・ Approx. 225 ml 
- Basic functions ・ Extraction method: Open drip method 
- Mode: REGULAR / STRONG / ICED / Cleaning ・ Estimated extraction time: 4 to 7 minutes 
- Included items: Main unit, dripper, server, measuring spoon, dripper stand, instruction manual

🔹Product detail🔹
- Mode: K06A-BK 
- Power supply: 220V/ 60Hz, Korean domestic model
- Rated power consumption: 1450W
- Power cord length: 1m
- Maximum capacity ・ Server about 500ml / Water tank approx. 490 ml 
- Server material: Stainless steel (vacuum double structure), PP 
- Capacity: 1cup-3cups (490~500ml)
- Color: Black
- Human Interface input: Buttons
- Dimension: 140x297x379mm
- Weight: 3.4kgs
- Dripping time: 4-7minutes

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