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*BALMUDA The Range* 18L Multi function Microwave & Oven

*BALMUDA The Range* 18L Multi function Microwave & Oven

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BALMUDA The Range: Microwave + Oven function (18L)
The product includes: Oven & Oven Tray( 1 piece)
Model: K04B-SU

Product Features:
1. Simple and Easy to use: Turn the dial to select the desired mode and time without complicated operations.   
2. Design: Elegant and modern style
3. Color options: Black/ White
4. Microwave : Auto/ Manual (100W/500W/600W/800W) / Drink/ Frozen Rice/ Defrosting function. Oven: 100°C~230°C, with 10°C increments mode to adjust the temperature
5. Size: 330mmx450mmx390mm /  13.5kgs
6. Voltage: AC 220V/60Hz  (Korean Domestic Voltage)
7. Cord length: 1.4m
8. Power consumption: Microwave 1270W/ Oven 1130W


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