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*Campingkan* Blow Shelter, 4-5 people, all-season, extendable tent

*Campingkan* Blow Shelter, 4-5 people, all-season, extendable tent

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[SeoulLife]*Campingkan* Blow Shelter, 4-5people, all-season tent
❗❗ The shelter does NOT include TPU/ Mesh window, flyer (roof), or connector.

You can add optional item for your preference.

📣 This is a pre-order product. It takes around 2 weeks before delivery.

The easily adjustable ceiling cone hood allows for easy ventilation, and the wood-burning stove flue can be pulled out using the zipper-shaped hole jack on the side.
In addition, this product eliminates the inconvenience of having to pull many strings when installing most winter products and maximizes the sense of space.

🔹Product features🔹
✅ Robust design and optimal height
1 central pole, 2 bending side poles. It is a structure designed to be resistant to changes in the external environment.
✅ Excellent sense of openness
Basic urethane is installed on the front left and right holster entrances, providing an excellent sense of openness.

✅ Large space design with optimal pack (12) downloads
Creates a durable and sturdy silhouette even without stitching.
✅ Excellent Ventilation design: Ventilation windows at the top and bottom of the interior increase ventilation and create a comfortable environment.
✅ Enjoy winter view in Cold weather with Front & Side entrances with a urethane window at the side entrance.
✅ 4-season tent: Front/rear entrance doors & with mesh and window options.
✅ Extendable design with Connector options allows docking with a variety of tents to maximize utility.
✅ Left/right side wiring inlet
It has a convenient feature for electric wires and can be used as a hole jack when installing a wood-burning stove.
✅ Application of Roof in various colors
By expanding the range of color choices for the skin contamination prevention Roof, you can enjoy camping with a unique feel.

🔹Product components🔹
- Tent Skin
- Tent poles
- Central pole

Optional items
- Urethane TPU window
- Mesh window
- Connector

🔹Product detail🔹
- Size: 480x480x285(cm), for 4-5 people
- Weight: 30kg (Skin 17.5kg)
- Material:
* Skin: Canvas Cotton Blend (T/C 300GSM) Silver nano, super water repellent processing
* Flyer: Poly 300D (PU 5,000mm)
* Pole: Duralumin pole: Center pole 39.6Ø, Main pole 22Ø)

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