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*Chefwin* 316STS stainless pan with detachable handle

*Chefwin* 316STS stainless pan with detachable handle

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Made in Korea

*Chefwin* a premium cookware brand in Korea
Can be cooked on the gas stove, Induction & oven roasting & baking.
 A life-long product that doesn't wear out easily like coating pans or coating pots.
My family personally prefers stainless steel pots or frying pans that are safer and healthy, hope you can try them too.
Product Includes
1. 22cm Sauté pan: 22x5cm
2. 24cm fry pan : 24x4.5cm
3. 26cm Sauté pan : 26x6cm
4. 28cm fry pan: 28x5cm
5. 1 * Detachable handle ( additional handle is available)

316 STS 
It is a top-notch material that boasts excellent corrosion resistance, acid resistance and high-temperature strength.
By using 316 stainless steel, which is made of an ideal alloy used for medical tools, implants, artificial joints, aircraft parts, etc., inside the product that comes into contact with food, various dishes can be prepared hygienically and safely.

Five-tier structure 
High thermal conductivity and heat retention rate
Tubular pentagonal structure
316 stainless steel (inside)
Aluminum (1050)
Aluminum (3003)
Aluminum (1050)
430 stainless steel (exterior)

The full body of 3.5mm 5-layer structure heats not only the bottom but also the entire surface evenly, so the heat transfer rate and heat retention rate are high, minimizing the destruction of nutrients in food and improving the quality of cooking because it enables quick cooking.

Minimization of water discharge
low moisture cooking possible Steam circulation cooking using a lid

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