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[Jakelah] J.x 2.5 Multipurpose tent with all-weather functions

[Jakelah] J.x 2.5 Multipurpose tent with all-weather functions

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🔹Product Features🔹
✅ Easy-to-install tent
✅ Two can be connected
You can connect two J.x 2.5 units to create a space with a maximum width of 6.4m. It is good to use when creating a wider space for gatherings or living.
✅ Shade Usage
The J.x 2.5 can be raised on one side and used as a shade tent using the included upright pole. Create it when you need shade or open space.
✅ A-type tent with a wide sense of space:
J.x 2.5 crosses the poles in an X shape and lifts the skin with a hub developed by DAC to expand the space inside the tent. With this design, it has much more space inside the tent than other A-type tents.
✅ Ventilation with ventilation in mind
For ventilation of the J.x 2.5, we created wide ventilation with zippers and Velcro.
✅ Expand consumer choice by preparing two colors of poles: J.x 2.5 is available in Silver and Black poles.
✅ Rainproof roof cover:
Install the roof cover on rainy days. It prevents rainwater from falling through the gap of the zipper on the top of the J.x 2.5. It is also good for UV protection and contamination prevention of the roof area.

🔹Product Components🔹  
- Carry bag x1pc
- Skin x1 
- Pole Case x1pc
- Main Poles x4pcs &  Upright Poles x4pcs &  Repair pole x1pc
- Roof cover x1pc
- Roof Cover pouch x1pc
- Mini storage bag (attached inside the skin)
- Stake sticks x12pcs & Rope 3m x2pcs
- Pouch for Stake Sticks and Ropes

🔹Product Details🔹
- Opening Size: Width 250cm X Length 250cm X Height 160cm
- Tent Pole: DAC DA17 14.5mm(Main Pole), 16mm(Upright Pole)
- Fabric: 75D PR WR PU/Silicone, sand, Mesh - 75D Poly square mesh 60", black
- Packing Size: Width 56cm X Diameter 23cm
- Weight: 9.7kg
- Country of Origin and Manufacturing: Tent, Made in Vietnam, Pole: Made in Korea

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2024/ July

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