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[Kunst Baum] Goalzero Camping Lamp Lantern Shade, Stainless 304

[Kunst Baum] Goalzero Camping Lamp Lantern Shade, Stainless 304

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Made in Korea 
by Kunstbaum

Product Features
Simplicity & Aesthetics design
Durable with 304 Stainless material

Product Components  
- Lantern shade
- Exclusive Pouch

❌This product does NOT include Goalzero Lantern
Product Details
- Model: Nessen 150 
- Material: Stainless 304, Aluminium 6061
- Size: 150x100(H)cm
- Weight: 300g

There may be large or small scratches or scratches on the surface.
Most of Kunstbaum's steel parts use a special polishing method.
To reduce the risk of injury that may occur while using the product and to ensure safe use, 
the product is finished the process by grinding the sharp surfaces of the steel material.
Scratches or blemishes, large or small, that occur during the process occur during post-processing.
This is a natural phenomenon, so please keep this in mind when purchasing.
2024/ May

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