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*Lumena M3* Multi-use light set( matt white color)/camping, mood, desk light stand

*Lumena M3* Multi-use light set( matt white color)/camping, mood, desk light stand

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Lumena Diffuse light mode illuminates the ground

A beautifully designed indoor/outdoor lamp stand
Kids can use it as a flashlight, also ideal for fishing, cyclers and desktop mood light
You can design your own lantern with different colors or patterns of lantern shade.

Package Includes:
* exclusive pouch
* Lumena M3 light ( matt white color)
* tripod
* small hook binegori
* USB type-c cable
* Product manual

✨Optional: Lamp Stand
Two full stands are included as standard, and can be used at any height
The 1/4” hot shoe allows the product to be combined with the Lumena M3 1/4” hot shoe.
3 Adjustable heights
Size: 120 x 120 x 200 ~ 400mm / 300g

✅ PORTABLE, Classic mood, anytime, anywhere
Concentrated light | Diffuse light | Concentrated + diffuse light
✅ Large capacity battery of 3,250mAh
Up to 200 hours of usage
with 3 hours and a half charging time
With a 3,250mAh battery charged for 3 hours and 30 minutes,
concentrated light can be used up to 200 hours and diffused light for up to 150 hours wirelessly.

✅ WATERPROOF/ dust-proof grade IP67
The waterproof function protects the product from water and dust.
※ It depends on the actual environment and must be used cautiously.
※ The silver and beige colors in the images are single-purchase items.

▶ Product size
34 × 34 × 102mm / 95g
▶ Pole stand size
▶ Battery capacity
Li-ion 3.6V 3,250mAh (11.7Wh)
▶ Power/Voltage Consumption
INPUT(Type C) : 5V-1.0A
▶ Charging / Use time
- Charging time : 3 hours 30 mins
- Use time
1) Concentrated light 13 hours (maximum brightness) ~ 200 hours (minimum brightness)
2) Diffused light 9 hours (maximum brightness) ~ 150 hours (minimum brightness)
3) Concentrated and diffused light 7 hours (maximum brightness) ~ 80 hours (minimum brightness)

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