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*Lumena* Space on plus Table Camping LED lamp

*Lumena* Space on plus Table Camping LED lamp

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[SeoulLife] *Lumena* Space on plus Table Camping LED lamp with wireless charging cradle

🔹Operation methods🔹
* The quick-off function turns off the power by clicking the power button after 15 seconds of operation, and when the product is restarted after the quick-off, the power is turned on as before.

🔹Product components🔹  
- Space on Plus lamp & Shade
- Pouch
- Wireless Charging Cradle
- Type-C cable
- Manual

🔹Product detail🔹
- 3 colors: Sun orange & Glam White & Forest Green
- Brightness: 15~900Lm
- Color temperature: 2,200K (±15%)/ 3,500K (±15%)/ 5,000K (±15%)
- Battery Capacity: Li-ion 3.7V, 9,600mAh/ 35.52Wh
- Usage time: 8~360hours
- Charging time: 4 hours & 30minutes
- Input: 5V-2A (10W max)
- Waterproof: IP54
- Size: 
 * Lamp: 134x303.5mm/ 540g
 * Cradle: 136x11.9mm/ 70g
 * Pouch: 235x513mm/ 40g

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