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*Nespresso* Citiz Platinum C140 Capsule Expresso Machine

*Nespresso* Citiz Platinum C140 Capsule Expresso Machine

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📣Product features:
- Space saving, Light and compact design
- Easy to maintain
- Elegant and modern design
- Sufficient water tank with 1 Liter capacity
- Heat-up time: 30seconds
- 19bars pressure for better coffee aroma taste
- 4 types of drinks: 
  Espresso (40ml) / Lungo(110ml) / Americano (150ml)/ Americano XL (200ml) / Hot water (200ml)

❗❗ The product excludes milk frother> optional items for your preference:  Milk frother

🔹Product detail🔹
Model: C140
- Weight: 4 Kilogram
- Removable water tank: 1 Litre
- Used capsule container capacity: 12
- Descaling alarm
- Dimensions (WxDxH): 13x38.9x27.7
- Pressure: 19 Bars
- Manual Capsule insertion and ejection
- Automatic power off after 9 mins
- Automatic and programmable Milk and Coffee quantity coffee: min 20 ml/ max 300ml milk: min 20 ml/ max 300ml
- Descaling alert according to programmed water hardness
- Energy-saving mode
- 2 Energy saving mode
- High pressure pump up to/max 19 bar
- Power: 220V, 60Hz, 1170W & 2 pin plug type ( Korean spec. model)
- Made in China

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