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*NotDam* Korean traditional Brassware Grill (Griddle) with deep pot for shabu-shabu_30cm

*NotDam* Korean traditional Brassware Grill (Griddle) with deep pot for shabu-shabu_30cm

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[NotDam] Traditional Korean Brassware to the hearty food, with great and joyful dining/ 01,2024.
※ Material: 78% copper + 22% Tin/ Made in Korea

The part where the bulgogi broth is stored is also large enough to fit a spoon, making it ideal for scooping up the bulgogi, which is the main dish of soup.

[Brand Story]
NOTDAM is one of the famous and popular brassware manufacturers in Korea.
* No. 1 Brand sales in Korea
* The only company in the industry to enter 4 major department stores in Korea
* Bowl used for national events
* LA Branch, USA, overseas store launch
* Selected and used by 5-star hotels
* Used by famous Michelin restaurants in Gangnam

Healthier with its modern and elegant design is the safest brassware in the world, and it is a good brassware that can be used for a lifetime without breaking. Made by selecting the highest quality brass and guarantees high quality as a brand in department stores.

Product features
✔ The center area is large, making it ideal for grilling pork belly.
✔ An ideal pot for home use and outdoors, such as at a camping site.
✔ It is a deep pot with a handle that can be used for various dishes such as shabu-shabu and various soup dishes.
✔ Great temperature keeping: With high thermal conductivity, heat is distributed evenly, so you can cook food more deliciously. and With an excellent warming effect, you can enjoy food at a warm temperature from start to finish.
✔ It is a product that can be directly raised and fired directly.

Product detail
- Size: 36.2cm (includes handles)x30.2cm
(Grill part: 19.9cm)
- Weight: 2kg
- Soup Capacity: 850mml

* This brassware pot does not compete with induction stove due to it's material and best suitable with gas stove & highlight stove.

❗❗ Before your purchase ❗❗
Do not preheat the bulgogi plate.
Cook the meat over medium heat with the food on top.
* Due to the organic nature of this product, induction cannot be used.
* Due to the nature of the casting method, there may be small and large bubbles and the surface may not be smooth.
** This brassware is made from the "Die-casting" method hence very-tiny (approx 0.1-0.2cm ) size stains & holes could emerge around pot( this will not affect the pot's durability & the manufacturer does not exchange with other pots).

📌How to use an organic scrubber
1. When both the organic scrubber and the organic bowl are dry, wipe along the grain of the product.
2. After wiping, rinse with a soft scrubber as if you were washing regular dishes.
3. After washing, wipe dry with a dry cloth.
4. For general stains, spot with the gray side, and for stubborn stains, spot with the black side.

※ Do not boil the pot. ※
• Use a soft loofah to remove the stained or discolored areas
• Wash the dishes in the same way as ordinary dishes and use a soft loofah
• To prevent water stains, please wipe the open and keep it dry.
• Hand washing is the best way to maintain the pot. Only use the dishwasher once per month.

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