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*Polaris* D1 Dome Shelter & Tent for 3-4 people

*Polaris* D1 Dome Shelter & Tent for 3-4 people

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[SeoulLife] *Polaris* D1 Dome Shelter & Tent for 3-4 people
✨ Design in Korea/ Made in Korea & Bangladesh

👍 10-sided mesh screen: A more comfortable feeling of openness
- A total of 10 mesh screens, including 2 doors, 4 tops, and 4 sides.
Provides high openness and breathability by applying
Provides safe protection from pests.

- Easy installation method for anyone
The colors are marked on the poles for quick and easy installation in just 10 minutes.

📣Product features:
* Wide space: Open and comfortable indoor space
* Safer camping with certified flame-retardant fabric
* Aluminum pole (100% Made in Korea): Light but sturdy aluminum material
* Strong water pressure even when camping in the rain
* Black pigment coating: Excellent light-blocking material
* 205cm high floor height that is comfortable without having to lower your head.
* Roof fly TPU window: Emotional sky view from inside
* Seam sealing waterproofing treatment perfect water resistance
The sewing line, which is easily permeable to water, has been treated with seam-sealing waterproofing to more completely block rainwater, thereby increasing waterproofing power.

- High-quality TPU panel: light and durable (Made of eco-friendly materials)
This is a TPU door exclusively for Polaris that allows you to enjoy the outside scenery without having to open the door when camping in the winter or in the rain. It is made of thermoplastic polyurethane, a lightweight and flexible material.
- The zipper fastening method ensures a tight fit and prevents wind or foreign substances from entering.
- Two-way zipper that can be easily used inside and outside for convenient use.
- Secured to the bottom with D-ring: it is designed to be fixed using a tent stopper at the bottom of the front door of the tent, preventing wind and foreign substances from entering.
- Roof Fly: Opened mesh screen at the top that can be fully opened Roof fly TPU window for viewing the outside view Stable and easy installation with 4 poles Sleek dome shape on the inner skirt structure Tarpaulin ground sheet that perfectly adheres to the shelter
- Huge windows practical for all seasons: The two wide windows at the top have mesh screens and
It can be fully opened, providing excellent ventilation in the summer and allowing you to set up a wood-burning stove in the winter.
- The black pigment coating applied to the roof fly is
It boasts perfect light blocking and water pressure resistance and allows you to comfortably enjoy the scenery from inside through two TPU windows.
- This dome shelter is self-supporting with a total of 4 poles, 2 main poles and 2 sub poles.
- Dome shape with elegant curves: Meet the simple and elegant dome shelter, from the application of the inner skirt structure for a perfect dome shape to the details of the semicircular doors and windows.
- Body skin specifications for worry-free use
The flame-retardant fabric that passes CPAI-84* regulations allows safe camping from fire, and the PU coating on the fabric provides a high water pressure resistance of 3,000mm, so you can use it with confidence.

🔹Product detail🔹
- Tent : P/Oxford 150D PU/WR 3,000mm
- Roof Fly: P/Oxford 150D PU/WR 20,000mm (Black pigment coating) & TPU Panel
- Ground: P/Oxford 150D PU/WR 3,000mm ( ground sheet is option item)
- Pole: Aluminium Pole 16mm 3 lines
- Size_Tent: 400x390x205(h)cm
- Size_Ground sheet: 400x390(w)cm
- Color: Warm Gray
- Weight: 13.8kgs


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