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Rabbit pot & Pot set, 5-ply SUS 304, Made in Korea

Rabbit pot & Pot set, 5-ply SUS 304, Made in Korea

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[SeoulLife] Rabbit pot set, 5-ply SUS 304, Made in Korea
✨ Made in Korea by Kuper, Korea

❗❗ Be noted, it takes around 10 preparation days before the international delivery.

Why you should use a 5-layer pot

The bottom of the triple pot, which is widely sold on the market, gets hot.
Heat is transferred to the side, so heat conduction is slow and the side is prone to burning.
Compared to regular pots, Rabbit Pot and Friends in Tong5
Excellent durability, heat resistance, and corrosion resistance not only preserve the original taste and nutrition of the ingredients, but
Food doesn't stick to the bottom, doesn't burn easily, and it's very easy to wash.

The rice tastes great not only in a rice pot but also in a 16cm stainless steel pot.
The rice grains are sticky like a pressure cooker, so they don't get sticky.
Delicious rice is cooked with an air layer formed between the sides.
In addition to cooking rice, the rice pot is also good as a pot for boiling noodles or vegetables.
It's useful when you boil stews like fish cake soup and put them on the table to eat.

When steam fills the lid, it moves slightly and water splashes out.
When the rice is cooked, if the moisture evaporates, cover the lid. The rice water does not splash at all.
Since there is no steam hole, you can also leave the lid slightly open when boiling the soup.

Product Features

✔️ Beautiful & lovely design: There are no screw marks or joints for attaching the handle.
✔️ Durable with a high-quality 5-layer stainless steel pot with a thickness of 2.3T, resistant to salt, you can put the pot in the refrigerator. Life-time use pot.
✔️ Easy to maintain:
There are no protruding screw marks on the inside of the lid, making it easy to wash and hygienic.
✔️ Compact configuration that is useful for small families or large families.
It is suitable for 1 to 3 servings of rice, stew, soup, and reheated meals.
✔️ Applicable to all heat sources: gas stove, induction, highlighter, oven
(However, glass lids cannot be used in the oven)
✔️ The 14cm Aladdin pot is for warming up soup and eating it like a bowl. It is especially good for steamed eggs.
✔️ The 16cm can be used to boil stew for two people.
You can make a generous amount of steamed eggs, and you can also heat up something like soup.
For ramen, add 500ml of water to make one bowl. 

Product Components
1. Rice pot + Lid
2. Pot_16cm + Glass Lid
3. Pot_14cm + Glass Lid

Product Details

* Rice/Soup pot: 16x18.5cm (includes handles: 21.3(Ø16cm)_1,230g
* Pot_16cm: 16x5.8cm (includes handles: 21.3(Ø16cm)_740g
* Pot_14cm: 14x5.5cm (includes handles: 18.5(Ø14cm)_648g
- Material: 5-ply: (Inside) Stainless steel 304 - High purity aluminum - Aluminum alloy -
High-purity aluminum-(external) stainless steel 430 is thick

❗❗ Before your purchase ❗❗

- Pale mineral stains or rainbow patterns that appear during use
If you wash with two or three drops of vinegar, it will disappear completely.
It is best to wipe off the moisture immediately after washing.
(⚠️The entire body, including the handle, is hot, so be careful with your hands!!)
•Be sure to preheat over medium or low heat.
•Avoid high heat. If done incorrectly, discoloration may occur.

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