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*Minimal Works* PAPRIKA Easy Pitch Extendable tent for 2 persons

*Minimal Works* PAPRIKA Easy Pitch Extendable tent for 2 persons

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The Minimal Works Paprika tent uses a cross-pole structure to make installation and disassembly quick and easy, and the two doors on either side provide the convenience of use and a cool open feeling. This model has been loved for a long time since its launch and is available in orange, sand, red, black, and olive colors.

📣Product features:
* Easy pitch: Uses a cross-pole structure that is sturdy and easy to install
* Mesh Net: Upper mesh net for storing lanterns or simple items
* Webbing toy: Using webbing and toy method for easy attachment
* Spacious with Mesh + skin-wide door with good openness
There are two large doors on either side.
The two large doors provide convenient movement and a sense of openness even for two people. The mesh + skin dual structure allows you to feel the cool openness and cool space at the same time.
* Mesh Ventil: Ventilation for a comfortable use environment and the lower windows are combined with mesh fabric to prevent insects from entering. It helps maintain a comfortable environment by preventing condensation through smooth air circulation.
* Extendable tent: Utilization increases when using an expandable vestibule
Adding a Parrika vestibule can create a compact but convenient front room space in environments such as inter-seasonal, winter, and bad weather, and expands the range of uses.

Product Components
(Tent only, Excludes extension tent)
- Skin x1ea/ Polex3ea/ Pegx8ea/ String x4ea/ Storage Case

👍Optional items for your preference:
* Extension Vestibule tent:
Open size: 120cm x 225cm x 110cm & fold size: 40cm x 15cm x 15cm (750g)
Components: Skinx1/ Polex1/ Pegsx2/ Stringx2 /Tent Case.
>> Not included with PAPRIKA tent and sold as separated listing.

Product detail
* Material (Tent & Extension part):
- Nylon 20D PU/SIL Water Proof 2,000mm (Made in China)
- Skin: Duralumin (Made in Korea)
* Colors: Olive/ Sand/ Orange/ Red
* Tent opening size: 230x140x120(h)cm
* Storage size: 40x15x15(h)cm
* Weight: 2.2kg (Excludes bag)


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