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*Minimal works* Shelter GH, Multi-purpose, camping in every season

*Minimal works* Shelter GH, Multi-purpose, camping in every season

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*Minimal works*

Shelter GH is a T/C version of Shelter G that reinterprets the double cross pole structure of Minimal Works' signature tent, Guava 4P. Starting with Guava 4P, we launched Shelter G, Agora, and then Shelter GH (Heritage), and MW is trying to build heritage through Minimal Works signature pole structure models.

Detailed elements such as pole caps help users install them quickly and easily, and by adding Shelter GH's optional mesh, TPU door, and vestibule, it can be freely used to suit the user's purpose and environment.

Product features:
- Durable material:
Shelter GH is the same size as Shelter G, with only the fabric and pole changed.
It is a shelter made of T/C material, a mixture of cotton and polyester.

- Spacious, More pleasant and comfortable:
Shelter GH's T/C material: it reduces condensation, provides a pleasant and comfortable indoor environment, and allows free entry and exit through symmetrical doors on both sides.
The spacious interior space with no unusable space maximizes livability and a sense of space.

- Multi-purpose and easy-to-install shelter:
It can be used in a variety of outdoor environments. It is a self-supporting shelter using a double cross-pole structure and is easy to install. It is a shelter that can be climbed onto recreational forest decks of various sizes and can be easily installed in car camping to use as a living space.

- Wide view and suitable for all seasons
The wide, symmetrical doors on both sides provide a refreshing open feeling and create a free flow of movement in and out, adding to the convenience of use. The floorless shelter allows for flexible response to various environments or changing weather.
- The roof window of the shelter and the four ventilation on both sides are all mesh-applied.
It creates a comfortable indoor space by preventing condensation and ensuring smooth circulation of air. By fastening the provided TPU full loop, you can feel the changes in lighting and weather and the beauty of nature.

Product Components
Skin x1/ Roof x1/ Pole x4/ pegs x8/ Storage Case x1

Optional items for your preference: (Please visit our store for details)
- By connecting the MESH/TPU door, which is an optional product of Minimal Works Shelter G/GH, with the vestibule, the range of use is further expanded. The mesh door creates a comfortable outdoor space by blocking the inflow of pests, the TPU door increases visibility and warmth, and the vestibule expands the use of various spaces.
*Options are sold as one each
- Mesh Door, TPU Door, VESTIBULE

Product Details
- Material: Skin - T/C Ripstop 280GMS/ Roof - Poly 75D/ Pole - Duralumin 14.5
- Size:
* Unfold: 350x300x170(h)cm
* Storage Size: 25x65cm
- Weight: 11.2kg


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