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Titanium Coffee Maker for outdoors, Camping, Backpacking, Hiking, Traveling

Titanium Coffee Maker for outdoors, Camping, Backpacking, Hiking, Traveling

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Backcountry is one of the well-known and high-quality outdoor companies in Korea.
Product Features
 Modern and light-weighted design
 Backcountry Titanium Product


Titanium is twice as light as stainless steel, twice as strong as steel, and six times harder than aluminum. Compared to other metals, the thermal expansion coefficient is also very high, so it is less deformed by high heat and rarely rusts or corrodes in salt water or humid environments.
Pure titanium is a non-toxic metal that is harmless to the human body and is used in body transplants such as heart valves and artificial bones. It does not produce environmental hormones and has no characteristic metallic taste or smell. - In addition, all models of Backcountry Cookware are safer through separate “Food and Drug Administration inspection”.

Product Components
- Coffee maker set
- Pouch 

Optional item: 
1. Cuben Round Stuffsack pouch
  - Material: Dyneema Composite Fabric, 1.0oz (34g/m2), 
  - 10x15cm, 4gram
2. Leather pouch
  - Material:
  - 85x85mm, 83g

Product Details
- Material: Pure Titanium 
- Size: 91x135mm (when in Use)
- Weight: 108g
- Capacity: 220ml
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