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Traditional Korean Cauldron Brassware Stew & Rice Pot/ 3-4 Portions & 19.5cm Diameter

Traditional Korean Cauldron Brassware Stew & Rice Pot/ 3-4 Portions & 19.5cm Diameter

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[SeoulLife] Traditional Korean Cauldron Brassware Stew & Rice Pot/ 3-4 Portions & 19.5cm Diameter.
Quantity: 1pc with Lid
Materials: 78% copper + 22% tin
Based on the inner diameter of the pot (wings not included)
Size: 19.5cm(W)/8.6cm(H)

* This brassware pot does not compete with induction stove due to it's material and best suitable with gas stove & highlight stove.

Product features:
 “Urinot” uses the traditional casting technique that started in the 16th century in the mid-Joseon period.
 The traditional brassware that Korean mother wants to keep for a long time, and pass it on to their daughters and sometimes to their loved one.
 Products made with enthusiasm and passion by our best craftsmen with high-quality materials
 Brassware' is a product made from an alloy of copper and tin, and its color may change due to its oxidizing properties even in the air.

Because of this property, you can use the unique color of Yugi beautifully by applying a green scrubber or tomato ketchup to the scrubber and cleaning it.

CAUTION [Precautions for use]
1. This product has excellent warmth and cool properties and maintains the temperature immediately after cooking for a long time, making food taste even more alive. It is so well-received that it is called a 'gold bowl'.
2. The contents below are the basic characteristics of organic products, and exchange or refund of the product is not possible due to the reason.
3. If the product is discolored during use: it may be discolored because it is sensitive to the external environment characteristic of organic products. (Temperature, humidity, the acidity of food, etc.) If you wipe along the organic grain with an organic scrubber or green scrubber, it will return to its original color.
4. When the surface turns a bit black color: it is a phenomenon that occurs when heat is applied and is harmless to the human body, so please feel safe to use it with confidence.
5. if its surface is uneven: If there are small air bubbles on the surface, it’s due to the nature of the organic product process, which is handmade one by one.
6. If the specified size and weight are different:
Because each one is made by hand and may be slightly different in weight, size, and thickness of each product.

** This brassware is made from "Die-casting" method hence very-tiny (approx 0.1-0.2cm ) size stains & holes could emerged around pot( this will not affect pot's durability & manufacturer does not exchange with other pot).

Tips for Maintenance
① When you receive the product, add vinegar to lukewarm water and soak for 10 to 15 minutes.
(The ratio of water 20: vinegar 1 depending on the quantity of the product) This removes the metallic odor of brassware matter and makes the color more beautiful.
② Follow the grain with a loofah dipped in a mild detergent | If you wipe it well, you can preserve the organic beauty and it is convenient to use.
If you use an organic loofah, it is excellent in removing discoloration and stains.
③ Be sure to remove water with a soft cloth or dishcloth. To keep the product life longer. put it in a plastic bag so that air does not pass through it and wrap it with the newspaper at the end to remove moisture.

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