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*Wood&Burn* Patio Stove Triple, Outdoor Camping Stove Pellet Burn Stove

*Wood&Burn* Patio Stove Triple, Outdoor Camping Stove Pellet Burn Stove

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[Wood&Burn Brand Story]
Starting in 2013, Wood&Burn designed and makes High quality, beautiful, and practical camping fire stoves.
It is also one of the most popular camping brands in Korea.

Enjoy beautiful fire flame in 4 seasons.

Patio Stove Triple
Beautiful, unique Aesthetics design
Portable, create beautiful fire flames
Fixed & Folding stand, foldable leg, stove connection, cold heating possible
The three-sided heat-resistant glass air curtain design allows you to clearly enjoy the beautiful flames, so soot does not form on the glass, so it is possible to burn through clear glass.
Efficiency Up & High firepower
As a pellet-only stove, it can be used practically due to its low fuel cost and high thermal power.
After filling the pellet box and running out of fuel, the amount of ash remaining is so small that it ends up on the bottom of the ash drawer.
* Pellets produce the same amount of calories but cost only 50% of kerosene and 35% of firewood.
* Kerosene 1,700 won/Liter, firewood 10,000 won (10kg), pellets 8,500 won (20kg)
Safe and durable with 100% 430 Stainless material, and NEG Neoceram Heat-resistant tempered glass, the bottom is assembled with Wooden Board
Easy to install
Stove pipe: 50cmx1pc (30~1hour burning time), 50cmx4pcs (1-2hours burning time), 50cmx6-8pcs (more than 2hours burning time)

Product Components 
- Stove
- Storage Case
- Stove pipes: 80-50cm x2pcs/ 75-50cmx2pcs/ 80-75 reducerx1pc
❌ This product does NOT include Pellet

Optional item: (Visit our store for bellow options)
- Stove burner mini hopper
- Stove table

Product detail
- Material: 
 * Stove: 430 Stainless material
 * Glass: NEG Neoceram Heat-resistant tempered glass
 * Pipes: STS310S, Birch plywood
- Made in Korea
- Size: 160x300x550mm
- Weight: 12kg
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2024/ March
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